Kate Eliza - 'Hey Lover' 

Let us do the work for you.

Ready to sell prints without ever having to keep track of print stock, visit a framer, or organise shipping? Welcome to drop shipping with Southern Buoy. 

In the past, to sell prints online you had to manage the whole process of sending orders to a printer, taking them to a framer, then somehow get large fragile artworks boxed up and shipped to your customers, all in a reasonable time frame and at a price point that makes it worthwhile.

Not anymore.

At Southern Buoy we'll manage the whole process for you. From print, to frame to shipped, all under the one roof. This game changing service means that you get to spend more time creating, while we handle all the nitty gritty in the background.

The best bit? Other than just our normal printing, framing & shipping prices, there's nothing more to pay.

Join hundreds of artists from around Australia and the World and get ready to drop ship with Southern Buoy.

Jen Sievers


“Southern Buoy has been taking care of my printing, framing and order fulfilment in Australia for over 4 years now. They are an absolute pleasure to deal with and do their job to a very high standard. Having them run things for me in Australia has allowed me to easily reach a larger market. I can’t recommend them highly enough, I love them to bits and you will too!”

web: jensievers.com
insta: jensieversart_art

Jen Sievers

How it works

The beauty of drop-shipping is that it's no more complex than just placing a normal print order. The only difference is that instead of shipping the print to you, we ship it direct to your customer.

We've got a bunch on nifty ways that we can streamline the way in which you send your orders to us, from simple shared spreadsheets, to direct ecommerce integration that enable seamless and automatic order placement. Ultimately, we can work with any system that works for you, saving you both time and hassle.

Prior to prints heading out our doors we'll also include your own personal branding such as stickers, thank you cards, certificates and more to enhance your customers 'unboxing' experience.

To get started with drop shipping contact us.